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I’ve migrated the front-end app – which previously was a single static html page – over to the Laravel framework, which will allow me to add some planned features more easily.

The app is split into two projects, an existing Laravel based API which does the Twitter searches and associated heavy lifting, and now the front-end Laravel – yes, I like Laravel.

The first change made is replacing Google Maps with Leaflet.js and a set of custom rendered map tiles hosted on a CDN. Google have recently reduced the amount of free map views before billing kicks in, which on particularly snowy days means  could stop working, not good.

Upcoming planned features include;

  • Supporters functionality via Patreon
  • Instagram importing
  • Rewind ability to see previous few hours snow reports
  • Snow notifications

There’s no timescale on these features, so they’ll appear when the appear!

I’m also toying around with Ionic as a replacement for the ageing iOS app, however the web app does a great job on mobile so there’s no particular timescale at the moment.

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